To My Fellow White People

I grew up in a suburb of Chicago. It was an insulated upbringing. My world was white. White staff at school, white classmates, white pastors at church, white friends. There was some diversity, but little enough that it was very noticeable. I never had to think about race. I fully assumed that my culture was […]

Thoughts from a PT

A majority of my job deals with pain. People in pain, looking to get out of it. Sometimes they’ve only been in a pain for a short while, from an ankle sprain or muscle strain. Sometimes it’s been pain since 1980 or “since I was 12 yrs old.” I have treated patients as young as […]

Second hand Joy

One of the top 20 joyous moments of my life was hearing Thrift Shop by Macklemore on the radio for the first time. I could hardly believe that someone was rapping about thrift stores, about the lie of materialism and celebrating its rejection. And it was oh-so-catchy!   “They be like “Oh that Gucci, that’s […]

Smiling through Tears

This year has been a year of tragic surprises. I have witnessed close friends get divorced, had dear friends put their child into surgeon’s hands, had friends suffer both infertility and pregnancy complications, watched the mother of a dear friend suffer a life-altering stroke, have faced a rare and scary diagnosis that affects several dear […]

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