Fighting for Optimism

Something good did happen this year, in this cursed 2020. In fact, several good things happened and to save myself from giving up on humanity, I have decided to list them. These are all my own personal joys; I’m sure there are some societal positives out there, but I don’t have the energy to go […]

On Walks

Surprise encounters with deer, turkey, bison and horses. Smells of pine, pollen and manure. The startle of finding clean-picked bones in the brush. Sounds of birdcall, a few passing cars, fewer planes overhead. The invigorating feel of the breeze, scattered raindrops, warm sunbeams. The stimulation and inspiration of wisdom pouring through my earbuds. The warmth […]

Smiling through Tears

This year has been a year of tragic surprises. I have witnessed close friends get divorced, had dear friends put their child into surgeon’s hands, had friends suffer both infertility and pregnancy complications, watched the mother of a dear friend suffer a life-altering stroke, have faced a rare and scary diagnosis that affects several dear […]

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